Search Engine Marketing

NEXT TO THE ranking a web page to the search engines there is also the POSSIBILITY OF PAID Advertise on search engine PLATFORMS place.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM - Search Engine Marketing) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA - Search Engine Advertising) means more targeted use of your resources with high visitor quality and the same low wastage..


is currently the most famous such form of advertising and we have handled and optimized already successful Adwords campaigns. The attraction of this form of advertising:
You do not pay for the display, but only for the ACTUAL number of clicks on your ad that lead to your website.

gluehbirne info 04 Together with you, we research the most important keywords (keywords) with which you want to be placed on Google; Furthermore, the landing page (landing page), so that as many Beuscher also to customers.. 
You get directly through Adwords information about campaign performance, cost, click and conversion rate and we will work to further improve Möglichekten.


All of us create pages are automatically provided with the code for Google Analytics. This gives you the opportunity to analyze professional way your visitor statistics. We are happy to advise you on interest.
    google analytics 03
  • Good positioning in search results
  • Interesting for very small budgets
  • Efficient entry into the market
  • Advertising in forums and communities
  • Little wastage
  • Very wide range to acquire new customers
  • Numerous options for configuring and controlling costs
  • On request, even maintainable
  • Permanent possibility for amendment of the budget